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This Website Is Dedicated To All The Relations On The Planet

The whole idea of Sweetoo began with a heartwarming and an empathetic thought. So we thought why not bring it into existence, to touch and embrace the lives of other people. One of the most important things to lead a fulfilling life is “Meaningful Relations.” With our family and friends, our emotions and feelings are attached. Our young and dynamic generation is very fast-paced. We have to achieve so much in life, somehow our relations take a backseat. This is because we lack the time. We are not able to express our feelings. Simply saying you love and care for them is not enough. We have to show them that we care.  According to a survey, Indians spend 70 per cent of their day commuting to their work. Fast-paced lives and to add up are our famous traffic jams. How about if you get to order your gifts at your fingertips in a few clicks, and rely on the most trusted online delivery? That is what Sweetoo is all about, to bring happiness, love and peace, by eliminating the time problem.

How Sweetoo Came into Existence

We have a great passion for technology. And after spending a couple of years in this industry, we thought of clubbing our passion with our mission, of giving people happiness through great experiences. People feel so loved, after receiving gifts and the impact is for a lifetime.Our hectic schedule did not allow us to spend quality and ample time with our parents. So, we thought of putting into practice one simple thing, that is surprising our parents with lovely gifts on their special days like a wedding anniversary. To save the shopping time, visiting outlets we began shopping online for gifts, flowers and cakes. So that we from our workplace and gifts that we ordered reached our parents on-time.

But one major loophole we noticed in the online delivery system is a delay. Not being able to deliver the gifts on time, particularly if the gifts are to wish someone on their special day, on a certain time. We very well know that those are not gifts, but our feelings and sentiments attached to them.So, we have developed the entire online delivery system in a way that your gifts would not be delayed under any circumstances. We have a dedicated logistics team across India, to handle your online orders and get them delivered on-time. And also to give you a very simple and user-friendly experience while browsing our website.

At Sweetoo we are committed to serve you the most delicious cakes with love and that are baked with top-grade ingredients, handling your orders with the utmost care and delivering them on-time.

Nurture your Relations

The result of any rendezvous is the warmth, experience and feeling we carry about it in our hearts. So, we are here to give the most memorable and lifetime cherishable experiences at all your events. Giving and receiving gifts is an age-old tradition. However, the ways of giving gifts have evolved. It is all because of the growing technology. People prefer to shop online and hassle-free. Now you do not have an excuse to not show your love. Nurture your relations by being part of their celebrations. Gift them our specially curated gifts. Far or near, you can just make anyone happy and feel blessed for having you in their life, just by a few clicks.

Make it your Rule of Thumb

Surprise your loved ones with incredible online gifts on their special celebrations and create everlasting memories through Sweetoo’s impeccable online delivery service. The happiness of your loved ones is just a few clicks away at your fingertips. Here’s our small gift to this generation and all the coming generations, to love and embrace the special people in our lives, in a very simple yet effective way – gifting

Bless you, with the sweetness of cakes and the amazing fragrance of flowers in your life…..

Keep gifting 😊


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